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Information from Members Meeting: May 28, 2017

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Why is it important to buy the golf course for the community?

Because it is a beloved, historical part of our community which has been of personal value as a golf course, social setting and open space to Neskowin residents and visitors for 83 years. The Neskowin Beach Golf Course (“The Jewel”) was designed and completed in 1932 by Ercel Kay, who originally started Salem Golf Club in Salem in 1928. Our course is among the oldest in Oregon and worth preservation. Its continued operation will maintain stable residential and commercial property values, as well as unmatched scenic beauty, enhanced by the changing seasons.
With community ownership, the golf course can creatively expand the use of its facilities, offering a variety of activities throughout the year, as well as bringing back a charming snack bar. Most importantly, this unique historical heart of the community would be preserved for future Neskowin generations.

On April 28, 2015 we mailed 1400 parcels to all property owners in the Neskowin community. All of the documents that were sent in that package are available for download on the right side of this page. If you would like more information, please feel free to email us at: or call us at 503-595-6261.

Board of directors

Ted Braich, President
Tom Eaton, Treasurer
Bryn Crowell, Secretary
Jeff Linman
Susan Amort
Alex Sifford
Lyle Rowland

Articles of Incorporation


Board Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2015


Who is leading the effort?

With Kevin and Cynthia Myles leaving our little village in late June (We wish them all the best!), we are back to an all volunteer force working on the golf course, increasing the area of play with each drying day that comes our way.

Bryn Crowell, Ted Braich, Lyle Rowland, Alex Sifford, Don Graber, and Tom Eaton have been leading the charge on the outside, while Laurie Braich has been coordinating the inside group of amazing volunteers. In late June we hired David Leisure to work in the clubhouse, so come on down and join us !!!

Where we started:

When the previous owner made his retirement announcement in August of 2014, a group of Neskowin property owners met to discuss the potential loss to the community. A committee was formed with the intent to save the course. The group of volunteers has put countless hours into study, meetings, discussion, planning and acquiring professional advice on how a community option can work. The original volunteers were:

Robin Crowell
Susan Amort
Kacey Joyce
Susan Linman
Jeff Linman
Brig Walton
Tom Eaton
Pam Rowland
Lyle Rowland
Matt Wilkinson
Lynne Saxton
Laurie Braich
Alex Sifford
Cathleen Callahan
Michael Knapp

As well as many other community Members who have offered their ideas and time.

Now, in 2017, we continue to carry our mission forward and continue to expand our offerings for this wonderful community resource.