New for 2016

The Board of Directors is very pleased to announce the hiring of Kevin Myles to the position of Neskowin Beach Golf Course Superintendent. Kevin will be starting work at the golf course on April 18. Kevin and his family come to us from Ketchum, Idaho. He's been working in Sun Valley as an Assistant Superintendent and has many years of experience in turf management, equipment operation and disease control. Kevin, Cynthia and Kevin, Jr. have a long connection with Neskowin and are very excited to be moving to a place they love. Kevin will be on his own until school is out for Kevin Jr. The family is currently exploring housing possibilities in town and in the area. Please welcome Kevin when you see him.

Additionally, the Board is bringing on Cynthia Myles as the Clubhouse Manager as of July 22, 2016. In this temporary, seasonal position Cynthia will be helping us to open and close the clubhouse, coordinate volunteers and generally oversee the clubhouse operations. We are very fortunate to have Cynthia's help this season, say hello when you stop in the clubhouse.

Also, as you know a vote to approve the restated Articles of Incorporation was held near the end of last month. That vote passed and the restated Articles have been filed with the state of Oregon. Thank you for your support on this important matter.

Lastly (for now), please be watching for your annual dues notice. NBGC relies on the Members for support of the golf and clubhouse operation. Although non-members are a substantial portion of our revenue it is our Members who are the backbone of our support. The notice will be out to you via email or postal mail by early May.

There is SO much to share with you! More is coming! But for now, thank you for all your support! If we don't see you before, we'll see you on Memorial Day weekend!